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Updated: August 27, 2007
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Sports Entertainment

Sports entertainment is an area that is highly overlooked by many in the entertainment business. It is the goal of BIGBreakNY to promote and publicize the amount of hard work that goes into producing sports entertainment events. Sports entertainment is enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide, and has been for many decades. We sincerely hope that after exploring this section, many individuals will walk away with a new respect for this legitimate area of entertainment.

If you would like your wrestling school or promotion listed in our directory, please e-mail info@bigbreakny.com.

TNA Wrestling seeking college students to participate in the TNA U Program

TNA is looking for some die hard Pro Wrestling fans to be part of the new
TNA U program. If you currently attend college in the U.S. and want to be
part of a TNA community, this opportunity is for you. Those who participate
in the TNA U program receive special perks while gaining experience in the
Sports Entertainment field. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work
directly with TNA Wrestling. Due to the high interest this program will
cause, we may not be able to get back to everyone. If we are interested in
working with you, we will personally email you back. Please email
Alex@TNAWrestlingU.com with the following: Your name, age, the name of the college/university you attend, and a short description about your interest in Pro Wrestling. Once we review your email,
we will email you back with the full details of the program.

TNA Creative Director David Sahadi's Book Now Available

David Sahadi, former creative director for the WWE and current behind-the-scenes talent for TNA, has just made available his first novel, Last Call of the Gods. Sahadi writes: "I believe this story has a beautiful, positive message conveyed in a modest, light-hearted way." For more information and to purchase the book, visit davidsahadi.com.

Sports Entertainment Link Section Now Open!

We have opened our Sports Entertainment links section. Visit some of our friends and support your local indys.

More Headlines:

Event Assistants Wanted
Want to be behind the scenes at the Actors' Career Fair? E-mail us! We are looking for several individuals to work the event. You will receive free admission and will be considered for future events as well. We are looking for serious professionals who are responsible and reliable. You must be available for 2 hours on another day following the ACF. We will provide details at the event. If interested, e-mail us a short bio explaining why you should be considered. Serious inquires only please.

Get In on a Reel Deal!
Success in the business of professional wrestling depends greatly on your ability to promote yourself. As a sports entertainer, you need an affordable way to make yourself known. What if you could get your headshots, résumé, and even your demo tape out to promoters as easily as handing out business cards? What if your profile and marketing materials were in a searchable database for all industry professionals to see? With the Reel Deal, all that is possible! Visit www.thereeldeal.com now for more info!

BIGBreakNY Sponsors
BIGBreakNY is looking for sponsors for the site and our events. BIGBreakNY is visited by hundreds of people each week, and our networking events and career fairs are attended by many in the industry. If you would like to sponsor us and advertise your product in a high-visibility way, please contact info@bigbreakny.com today!

Writers Wanted
BIGBreakNY is currently seeking talented writers with previous experience to feature on the site. If you have experience in one of the fields that we cover, we want to read your work. Please send an article related to acting, modeling, comedy, sports entertainment, or photography to Jeremy@bigbreakny.com. While there is no financial compensation, there is the potential opportunity for you to get your BIG break, as you never know who might be reading! We look forward to your e-mails.


TNA Producer

So You Want to Be a Pro Wrestler
So You Want to Be a Pro Wrestler
(and Other Ways to Get  a Job in Wrestling)

From the WWE to TNA, producer Bill Banks has been around the business for the better part of the past ten years. Now, he shares his knowledge and tells YOU how to get into the industry you love. 

click here for more

or click here to buy the book!

Recent Interviews:
Mark Jindrak
by Anthony Calderon
You've doubtlessly seen him on TV as "The Reflection of Perfection," working with such top superstars as Kurt Angle and Booker T. What's he been up to? What are his plans for 2006? And what's the "Mark and Matt Live" show you may have heard about?

Lori Sims
by Alex Abrahantes
The woman behind the scenes of the WWE's Raw and Smackdown! television production tells how she got her start, and the essential responsibilities of working in the production truck.

David Sahadi
by Alex Abrahantes
The man behind the madness of the World Wrestling Entertainment commercials, David Sahadi is the producer of the WWE's madcap ad campaigns. Click here to read the interview and a profile of the WWE on-air promotions director!

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