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Updated: June 9, 2009
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Latest Updates:

  • Acting Section Updated
    Acting section updated with information on Pied a Terre, the new play from Tom Ferriter.
  • Sports Entertainment Section Updated
    Ever wanted to break into the world of Pro Wrestling? Check out our Sports Entertainment section for a book that will help you do just that.
  • Sports Entertainment Section Updated
    Information on David Sahadi's new novel and the Bumps and Business Clinic added.
  • Music Section Updated
    Visit the Music section for an interview with Yaro Celis, New York City-based music producer.
  • Link Exchange Opened
    BIGBreakNY would like to help you promote your site. Place a BIGBreakNY banner on your site, and we'll add you to our page of links.
  • Exclusive Interview with Mark Jindrak
    Check out the Sports Entertainment section, where we feature an interview with this former WWE superstar.
  • New Article in the Acting Section
    Marisa Pell explains how to use your intuitive intelligence to get ahead in acting.
  • Success Stories
    BBNY wants to hear your story! We're opening a new page dedicated to YOU! Tell us how we've helped you advance one step closer to your BIG break. E-mail us your stories and we'll post them on our new Success Stories page.

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Actors Crash Course Seminar- Postponed

We are postponing the Crash Course seminar. More details will follow.

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More Headlines:

Think Your Troupe Is Funny?
We are searching for comedy troupes for the first ever BIGBreakNY New York Comedy Club Night! Head over to the Comedy section for the details.

Casting Notices
Do you have a casting notice you would like to post? BIGBreakNY is visited frequently by actors, actresses, and models from the New York metro area. If you'd like to list a casting notice on the site, e-mail the info to info@bigbreakny.com today!

BIGBreakNY Sponsors
BIGBreakNY is looking for sponsors for the site and our events. BIGBreakNY is visited by hundreds of people each week, and our networking events and career fairs are attended by many in the industry. If you would like to sponsor us and advertise your product in a high-visibility way, please contact info@bigbreakny.com today!

Writers Wanted
BIGBreakNY is currently seeking talented writers with previous experience to feature on the site. If you have experience in one of the fields that we cover, we want to read your work. Please send an article related to acting, modeling, comedy, sports entertainment, or photography to Info@BIGBreakNY.com.
While there is no financial compensation, there is the potential opportunity for you to get your BIG Break, as you never know who might be reading! We look forward to your e-mails.

BIGBreakNY is now on Meetup.com

We've created a page on Meetup.com with all of our event info. Just click on the logo on the top right for all the info. All of our BIGBreakNY events can now be found there.

Purchase The Reel Deal!

TheReelDeal.com if for sale. Head over to thereeldeal.com for all the info.


Our upcoming events will be listed on our official Meetup page. Check the link above for the info.

More Q&A info to come


The DDOH has returned. Click on the logo for all the info.

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