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Updated: March 21, 2007
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Casting Notices
Do you have a casting notice you would like to post? BIGBreakNY is visited frequently by actors, actresses, and models from the New York metro area. If you'd like to list a casting notice on the site, e-mail the info to info@bigbreakny.com today!

BIGBreakNY Sponsors
BIGBreakNY is looking for sponsors for the site and our events. BIGBreakNY is visited by hundreds of people each week, and our networking events and career fairs are attended by many in the industry. If you would like to sponsor us and advertise your product in a high-visibility way, please contact info@bigbreakny.com today!

Writers Wanted
BIGBreakNY is currently seeking talented writers with previous experience to feature on the site. If you have experience in one of the fields that we cover, we want to read your work. Please send an article related to acting, modeling, comedy, sports entertainment, or photography to Jeremy@bigbreakny.com. While there is no financial compensation, there is the potential opportunity for you to get your BIG break, as you never know who might be reading! We look forward to your e-mails.

Event Assistants Wanted
Want to be behind the scenes at the Actors' Career Fair? E-mail us! We are looking for several individuals to work the event. You will receive free admission and will be considered for future events as well. We are looking for serious professionals who are responsible and reliable. You must be available for 2 hours on another day following the ACF. We will provide details at the event. If interested, e-mail us a short bio explaining why you should be considered. Serious inquires only please.

Get In on a Reel Deal!
The business of acting is all about self-promotion. As an actor, you need an affordable way to make yourself known. What if you could get your headshots, résumé, and even your demo reel out to casting professionals as easily as handing out business cards? What if your profile and marketing materials were in a searchable database for all casting professionals to see? With the Reel Deal, all that is possible! Visit www.thereeldeal.com now for more info!


Just for (Aspen) Laughs!
What’s funnier than waiting outside a comedy club on the upper west side on a freezing cold morning in November? Nothing! Except it’s the only way to get an audition for the US Comedy Arts Festival, commonly known as the Aspen Comedy Festival, held every year in Aspen, Colorado. What’s the big deal, you might say?

Fun in Buskerville

Anywhere you go in New York City, you can find some kind of musician hard at work, singing for their supper. I’ve seen a sitar player performing at an Indian food restaurant on Bleecker St., two hopped-up crack smokers jamming out to the music in their heads in a seedy dive in Alphabet City, and at a coke bar in the outskirts of Brooklyn, I was thoroughly entertained by a Polish lady as she sang a native song, sans microphone, to a tape playing in a cassette deck.

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Author and Comedienne

Debbie Sue Goodman performs a one-woman comedy show based on her best-selling book, Still Single, which includes many humorous and heartwarming stories about Debbie's life. Debbie is an actress/lyricist/vocalist/impressionist, and has appeared in many cable TV shows. Debbie has also made numerous guest appearances on Chicago TV & radio stations and author appearances and book signings.

Numerous articles have been written about her book in Chicago & local newspapers. Debbie has appeared as an extra in many movies filmed in Chicago, and appeared in many plays at Devonshire Playhouse in Skokie, Illinois. Debbie Goodman is also a licensed cosmetologist and visual display specialist. Debbie is a resident of Skokie, Illinois. Visit Debbie Sue on the web at www.stillsingle.org.

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