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Dear Marisa,

I consider myself to be very spiritual and I enjoy acting, dancing, and singing. I'm pursuing a career in acting and have done some off-off-Broadway shows. I feel confused half the time; I know I have potential, but I feel like I'm lost. I have a hard time expressing my thoughts and I don't do what I say I'm going to do nor do I ever say what I mean. I've been looking for help but I'm not sure what I need help for. I find myself avoiding people. It's crazy, I can't even comprehend my own thoughts. I feel lost and confused most of the time except when I'm performing. Can you please give me any spirtual or professional insight?



Dear Claiming to Be Lost,

You are not lost! Just overridden with self-doubt and in need of some positive reinforcement and reassurance. This sounds like a transformational death process to me, which means that you are spiritually evolving into a new essence. As a result you are perceiving life at a heightened state of

To put it simply, the person you used to be—complete with friends, career interests, thoughts, etc.—is dying, and the butterfly is emerging.

This literally means that the person you are becoming is no longer compatible with the old ideas, friends, and interests that used to define 'you'. Change is always tough, especially when we have the rules of 'what we should be doing' in society making us second guess our passions.

When you start to awaken your true self, you may start to become less social and more introspective. It's completely normal. Not a lot of people are 'awake'to the illusions of the material world, so it feels lonely to watch everyone else completely confined to the 'matrix', re-living the same
patterns day after day.

My advice: Go with the flow and don't try to figure out the 'whys'. You will only become more confused. Instead, look at life as a whole floor of doors with new adventures awaiting on the other side. Move out of your comfort zone and treat nothing as coincidence. Keep doing theatre and start writing
your own stuff! Be the magician and get those inspirations on paper and then onto the stage!

Don't be afraid to let go of the old! That way, people and opportunities that resonate with the NEW you will start to appear!

Marisa Liza Pell
Intuitive Success Coach
(877) 218-0228

Got Questions?

Well, Marisa has answers. Marisa will select one BIGBreakNY reader's question to answer on Ask Marisa. This is your opportunity to find out the answer to a question you have always wanted to know. Let us be the first to warn you: don't ask anything that you really don't want to know the answer to. Marisa has astonished many people with her psychic ability and tells it like it is.

To have your question reviewed and possibly featured, e-mail your one question to AskMarisa@bigbreakny.com.

For more information on Marisa Pell and what she can do for you, visit http://www.knowledgeforliving.com. Marisa can also be contacted by phone at (877) 218-0228, or you can e-mail her for more information.

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Marisa Liza Pell
(877) 218-0228

Marisa Liza Pell, M.A., CEO of Knowledge For Living, has been advising individuals and groups for nine years.

She is known throughout the Mid-Atlantic as a gifted motivational success coach and intuitive advisor. Born with heightened clairvoyance, she intertwines this extraordinary awareness with coaching to assist her clients on every level.

Marisa's passion for the arts also fuels her work as a recognized theatre director, writer and video producer.

Marisa holds a Masters of Arts degree from Emerson College, Boston and an Bachelor of Arts degree from Dickinson College, PA.

In Boston, MA, she co-hosted a holistic and intuitive call-in LIVE radio show in association with nationally renowned healing and spiritual center Open Doors. After relocating to the Philadelphia area, she appeared on 610WIP sports talk radio, taking part in specialty talk segments, live call-ins and sports predictions. Most recently, she teamed up with Philadelphia rock station 93.3 WMMR for unedited readings on air.

Knowledge For Living was created this year to offer a combination of success coaching, intuitive advising and motivational seminars to clients so that overall well-being and balance is achieved.

She has recently teamed up with BigBreakNY.com and Creative Acting Company (NYC) to offer a new lectures series to professionals in the entertainment industry. You can read more about her lecture series in her online interview with BigBreakNY.com.

Marisa believes in making the most out of life through creative passion, which is the driving force behind her work.


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