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Updated: February 20, 2008
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The Meaning of Networking
By Penelope Brackett

As actors, some of us might have negative associations with the word “networking”: The process of using our personal relationships for professional gain can seem cold, calculated, impersonal, and manipulative. Some prefer the word "community" instead, which tends to evoke warmer images of people working together for a common cause or at least mutual benefit. Upon consideration, I thought there might be some growth in looking at the word “networking” anew to see exactly what it holds. Networking is so much a part of our business language; building positive associations is an important part of building your business.

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What If "SEINFELD" Had Never Gone Off the Air?
By Steve Mutchiga

What if it were a show about something and not about nothing? Where would the show be if it weren't for Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine?

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Intuitive Intelligence – Your Secret Weapon In The Entertainment World
by Marisa Liza Pell, M.A.

Throw away your analytical mind for a bit. Research data will get you far, but paying attention to inner cues will get you further. Your intuitive business sense, sometimes known as the phrase, “I knew it! Why didn’t I just listen to myself??”, is the best secret weapon that you can use in your entertainment career. Not listening to that gut feeling can lead to a whole slew of obstacles in the business of acting.

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There May Be Something Intense Brewing, According to Luke
by Jennifer Reynolds

Gregori J. Martin may be stirring things up with his new script, According to Luke. This SAG experimental is one that may cause some controversy. A suspense thriller involving a serial killer with strong religious beliefs is focused on stimulating viewers to reevaluate their own faith. These issues hit close to home for Martin, who wrote the script in hopes of inspiring people to focus more on their faith than just on religion alone.

The Left-Handed/Right-Brain Production LLC, in association with Anatomy Entertainment, is currently in preproduction and is still casting several roles. Director Rick Ojeda (Collateral Damage) and Martin have teamed up with Jsu Garcia (Along Came Polly), Mike Saucedo, and Jim Olen to begin shooting at the end of this year on the East and West Coast. The cast includes several established actors as well as some promising up-and-coming faces. Derrell Whitt, one of the stars, is making his film debut. Martin discovered the aspiring actor in one of the classes he taught at Youth Theatre Interaction.

Keep an eye out for Whitt in the future and be sure to check out According to Luke when it hits theaters in Spring 2006. For more information on the film and Gregori Martin, check out www.gregorijmartin.com and www.imdb.com.

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BIGBreakNY President Alex Abrahantes Featured on SkillsUSA Website
Alex Abrahantes, a member of SkillsUSA, was recently featured in an article on their website. We have reprinted the article with their permission.
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Do you have a casting notice you would like to post? BIGBreakNY is visited frequently by actors, actresses, and models from the New York metro area. If you'd like to list a casting notice on the site, e-mail the info to info@bigbreakny.com today!

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Want to be behind the scenes at the Actors' Career Fair? E-mail us! We are looking for several individuals to work the event. You will receive free admission and will be considered for future events as well. We are looking for serious professionals who are responsible and reliable. You must be available for 2 hours on another day following the ACF. We will provide details at the event. If interested, e-mail us a short bio explaining why you should be considered. Serious inquires only please.

Get In on a Reel Deal!
The business of acting is all about self-promotion. As an actor, you need an affordable way to make yourself known. What if you could get your headshots, résumé, and even your demo reel out to casting professionals as easily as handing out business cards? What if your profile and marketing materials were in a searchable database for all casting professionals to see? With the Reel Deal, all that is possible! Visit www.thereeldeal.com now for more info!


Hollywood on the Hudson
by Sonny King
Attending a film festival can seem a daunting task for the average movie fan, so I will attempt to de-mystify the process for those of you that skipped this year's second annual Tribeca Film Festival in the hopes that you will seriously consider attending next year's event.

Bend It Like Beckham
and the Rise of the Female Auteur

by Sonny King
2002 was a banner year for women filmmakers. More big-screen films were released by women in 2002 than any prior year in the entire history of film. These movies were produced, written, and directed primarily by women, which is a true rarity in the usually male-dominated world of film. Although many of these movies never received more than limited nationwide distribution, some are currently available for perusal at your local DVD store or multiplex.

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The BioSET Method


Do you experience pain, allergies, fatigue and/or stress? Would you like to be able to eat foods that you are currently allergic to?  Here is a one time opportunity for you to find relief by using a painless alternative method known as BioSET.

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Recent Spotlights:
10 Questions: Kara Gubler
Ever wonder what agents and casting directors think about color headshots? Whether they like postcards or not? What they look for when representing/casting actors? We ask 10 questions and they answer.

Actor Track
As a busy actor, you have a lot on your plate, and keeping track of it all could be a hassle, to say the least. Even if you have a PDA, sometimes that just isn't enough. With Actor Track, not only do you get software that meets your needs, you get a program that's customized to your needs as an actor. Log your auditions, manage your booked projects, track your income and expenses, and more!

Shetler Studios
The host studio for most of BIGBreakNY's events is about more than just the Actors' Career Fairs. Find out more about Shetler Studios and what they do.

Recent Interviews:
Dominic of DMDJs and Michele of Bobby's World
by Margo Curry
For Dominic and Michele, partying isn't just a lifestyle, it's a full-time job. Learn how DMDJs and Bobby's World help people have a good time, what it takes to get someone out on the dance floor, and why partying isn't always just fun and games.

James Huffman
by Margo Curry
Like a bat-wielding principal in a troubled high school, James Huffman turned a floundering program into a burgeoning resource for actors looking to further their knowledge and make invaluable connections in the entertainment world. Find out what he gained from The Audition Experience, and what these seminars can do for you.

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Recent Reviews:
American Splendor
by Sonny King
If you don't believe that 'truth' is stranger than 'fiction,' then this film just might change your mind. What do I mean by that? Well, this is a film of a comic book that was based on the real life of the writer that created it (the comic book American Splendor).

The Pianist
by Sonny King
This is my pick for Best Film of 2002, an epic and very personal drama that goes beyond revealing the horrors of a time we all commonly refer to as ‘The Holocaust.’

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